Monday, September 14, 2009

Press Package

So I decided to make a press package bc a lot of friends say it can reap some pretty awesome results. My only question... what goes into those things??

I made a list of some stuff I was going to include:
1. high resolution images of my jewelry on a CD
2. brief little note about the designer- yours truly!
3. information of where I can be reached
4. brochure of all my items and the suggested retail price
5. maybe a sample or two so they can see my jewelry in person along with the packaging

Do you think that's good enough? I would like an outsider's perspective on what you think is good if you were an editor- what you would like to see?

another note~ in case you all didn't know, my favorite jewelry designer is Alexis Bittar. He's super famous for his lucite designs. He's a self-taught creative genius and I just love his line! Check out some of my inspirations...
Long Gold Metal Mesh Pendant

Small Gold Crystal Ivy Earrings

Gold Triple Link Pearl Drop Necklace

Extra Large Gold Aventurine Klimt Pendant
Isn't everything LOVELY?! He's one of my favorites and his pieces are generally affordable, but not for me quite yet. I'll definitely be a fan for life and will own some fabulous essentials soon enough... Hope he wears my stuff one day, too. haha!