Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit of Good News

drum roll please.... so yesterday an accessories editor from InStyle magazine emailed me telling me they were interested in my line for their "under $100" articles. Pretty exciting, right?!  I emailed them my line sheet and now all that's left to do is keep my fingers crossed. Please do the same for me.  

On a random note, my hubby bought me the Global Knife I've been wanting and I love it! It's samurai sword sharp and makes chopping really fun. He was messing around tho and cut his finger- pretty much gushed blood and I almost fainted bc I cannot stand the sight of blood. It clotted soon enough and life went on. are you cringing? I'm reliving it in my mind and feel kinda faint. wimp!

I also wanted to show some new styles that I have yet to debut on my website. Tell me what you think!

 1. tear shaped with a vine like pattern in gold
 (also available in silver)
2. matte silver tear shaped hoop with a turquoise gem
(also available in gold)
         3. free hanging gold hoops   
         (also available in silver)

That's about it- have a splendid day! btw ~ Have you dropped by the Nordstroms Anniversary sale? Just wondering if it's worth driving to South Coast Plaza.