Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit of Good News

drum roll please.... so yesterday an accessories editor from InStyle magazine emailed me telling me they were interested in my line for their "under $100" articles. Pretty exciting, right?!  I emailed them my line sheet and now all that's left to do is keep my fingers crossed. Please do the same for me.  

On a random note, my hubby bought me the Global Knife I've been wanting and I love it! It's samurai sword sharp and makes chopping really fun. He was messing around tho and cut his finger- pretty much gushed blood and I almost fainted bc I cannot stand the sight of blood. It clotted soon enough and life went on. are you cringing? I'm reliving it in my mind and feel kinda faint. wimp!

I also wanted to show some new styles that I have yet to debut on my website. Tell me what you think!

 1. tear shaped with a vine like pattern in gold
 (also available in silver)
2. matte silver tear shaped hoop with a turquoise gem
(also available in gold)
         3. free hanging gold hoops   
         (also available in silver)

That's about it- have a splendid day! btw ~ Have you dropped by the Nordstroms Anniversary sale? Just wondering if it's worth driving to South Coast Plaza.


ck said...

oooohhh i'm loving the gold hoops. very pretty. i'm keeping my fingers crossed grass.

skinnyfat said...

how exciting to get contacted by instyle!! that is a huge stepping stone for you. hope it all works out! (PS. so happy to have seen you this past weekend. xoxo)

skinnyfat said...

dear socialgrace,

i think it is time for a blog update. :-)

DaveandStella said...

Hey you left a comment! Woohoo!! Gotta spread the power of the blog instead of FB!