Monday, April 27, 2009

Science Party Theme

If you have science nerd friends or little kids-- isn't this so clever? I stumbled upon this by accident on the web and thought it was great. I have many friends who are starting to have kids and wanted to post some different ideas for party themes.

This one is a petri dish with Jello-O and it has baby jaw breakers and gummy worms. love it.
This brain cake requires a little more effort. You bake any flavor cake you want in a bake safe rounded bowl. After it cools, flip it so it is rounded side up. For the brainy folds, use a frosting piper or a zip lock with snipped corners to make "S" shape patterns throughout. Clever, right?

Maybe I'll do this for my nephew's birthday in August. It's so fun! Hope someone ends up using these great ideas as well! 

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ck said...

aw man, cute idea but i could never do it. i'm such a scaredy cat when it comes to bugs and creepy crawly things. i still to this day yell for W to kill spiders, even if they're the size of a fly. something about them..ew