Monday, April 27, 2009

Science Party Theme

If you have science nerd friends or little kids-- isn't this so clever? I stumbled upon this by accident on the web and thought it was great. I have many friends who are starting to have kids and wanted to post some different ideas for party themes.

This one is a petri dish with Jello-O and it has baby jaw breakers and gummy worms. love it.
This brain cake requires a little more effort. You bake any flavor cake you want in a bake safe rounded bowl. After it cools, flip it so it is rounded side up. For the brainy folds, use a frosting piper or a zip lock with snipped corners to make "S" shape patterns throughout. Clever, right?

Maybe I'll do this for my nephew's birthday in August. It's so fun! Hope someone ends up using these great ideas as well! 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

BBB Baby!

You know you're old when you'd rather shop for kitchen stuff instead of clothes- that's me.

I know this is my jewelry blog, but there is more to this gal... much more. Do you like Bed Bath and Beyond? I am obsessed with that place and seriously go whenever I can. I save my 20% off coupons in a safe place and guard them with my life. Here is some stuff that I have my eyes on.

Gorgeous, right? I love to chop, blend, mince-  you name it, I will do it for the sake of cooking. I enjoy making new dishes... it's therapeutic for me. That's why I'm totally diggin' this Cuisinart hand blender and Global knives. Great quality with a sleek look. I have a wish list I like to keep and this is definitely on it. I lOVE that lamp, as well. So chic :) My birthday is coming up and I'm sure hoping... haha! They're pricey, so I'm planning on buying them myself. A girl's gotta spoil herself every now and then.

I guess since I'm a newlywed with no kids, this cooking stuff is fun, I'm hoping I keep the enthusiasm for it in the future bc the hubs sure seems to like my food. yay for the non-picky!

There's a lot more on my list, but this is the (much) shortened version. *sigh. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some of my Faves...

I love creating pieces of jewelry and I wanted to share some of my faves. These have been on the site for a while, but I like them a lot. I'm really into clean, classic, timeless pieces and I think for the most part, my line satisfies all three criteria. 

This one is my Origami Earrings and I love the charm, especially. They are 24K gold dipped and probably my favorite pair. It's literally woven and very intricate- I wear this one quite often...
This is my Two-Coin Necklace and the charm is a black silver and sterling silver disk. I love it especially because they aren't perfect. In fact they look far from perfect and each piece is different from the next. I love that about it! It's an everyday necklace and really does go with anything.

Couldn't you wear these to a club? Or to church? haha- that's pretty naughty. I love these little beauties. The quality is amazing and dangles quite nicely bc they have a bit of weight to them. I think I like these bc they're hoops. Heck- I love hoops, gold, and just well-made little pieces of art! 
Now that I think about it- I like all my jewelry. If I didn't, I certainly wouldn't be selling them! Yes, that's me- a girl who knows what she likes and she likes what she makes. Serve me up some humble pie! ;)

What's your favorite style? Or even your favorite jewelry designer (I won't be offended if it's not me- hehe)... I certainly have many favorites of my own and I'll share some with you next time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting the kinks out

My first post. COOL! First off, I'm so proud of my website because I think it matches my personal style and my jewelry line quite nicely. To no one's fault, my website is encountering numerous kinks! It's a daily work in progress to get everything working smoothly and boy is it tough. More for the people behind the scenes bc all I have to do is call and tell them what to change. It's nice being the boss. Maybe that's why I got married... jk! As soon as the site is more "presentable" I'm hoping my google count goes up. More styles and designs are in the making and I'm excited to debut them soon.

Got any styles that you're loving this season? Do share so I can garner some inspiration from you- if you don't mind! thanks :)